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The last year we have tested  and fly now regularly,  the  newly established  flying site at Kalo Chorio - Zoopigi villages.

The take off is situated above Zoopigi village and the landing field in the village below Kalo Chorio (Means in greek language the  Good or the Pretty Village).

To find the  take  off, you have to drive 20 minutes North of Limassol towards Agros Vvillage from Ayia Fyla round about on the Limassol BYE PASS( next to Tsirion football  stadium.)

The site is suitable only  for experienced pilots in flights in thermic conditions.

The take off is at 950m above sea level .Top to bottom is 1.24 kilometers and altitute difference from landing field about 350 meters .We have done flights  between 1500 and 2100 meters above sea level .The take off faces mainly SW-W winds.

The pilot can take the thermals in front  and  left  from  the take off  and gain easily 300-400 meters above take off.

“Probably” is the best  site in Cyprus with  cross country potentials. We are  still searching for alternative landing fields in a distance from take off so we can plan a long xcountry flight . The site has a lot of good flying possibilities as it is only 20 minutes from Limassol highway and it is situated between the  2 villages  near restaurants and  coffee shops .The site is far from any strong sea breeze  and is sheltered from strong  winds. This fact is still under investigation and we still study the weather statistics for this region. Ttroodos (2000 meters ASL) from take- off is only 17-20 kilometers in straight line.

Shortly it is the site we were looking for, for MANY MANY years now, in order to develop our flying skills from soaring at Curium ( small  coastal ridge- soaring) to the advance level of flying .Before you go there,please contact any local pilots who are experienced nad the had flown the area, so they can give you any tips about flying at Kalo Chorio – Zoopigi. The site is suitable only for paragliding but not for hanggliding because of the very short landing fields.

The view from take off and on the air is spectacular.You can see as far to Episkopi, Curium, Akrotiri , Limassol City and the gulf to the south, the Akrotiri salt lake, on the west and north west Troodos and to  the East all the mountain range towards Larnaca. There are no flying restrictions in the area as far as we know.The only limitations is landing on an east direction.No landings on an east direction. So stick around the area of the Landing spot near the school of the village down the valley.

Landing is strange and you have to loose your altituded before you reach the landing field because the field is small and there are some power or telephone lines at the other end of this field.The wineyard field just before the landing area is thermic(watch out, it can lift you up again) and slopy

The landing approach it is not on straight descending line , but up and down  line until you reach the wineyard before the clean landing field..Recently , one of our cypriot pilots had avery nice xcountry flight from here to Limassol(16 kilometers)

We promise , that as we are flying more frequently will add more information about this challenging site.





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